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Taco Tour Holbox

Schedule: 7 days a week


Pick up at your hotel: 6:30 pm

Includes: 4 stops, 4 tacos (customized based on your diet and preferences) & 4 cocktails (non-alcoholic options available)
Tour Size: Up to 6 people - Check our private tours for bigger groups
Cost: $94usd per person 

Tip: The Taco Tour is the best way to experience the ever animated streets of Holbox at night, and it's a must-tour when you first visit , The Taco Tour is also for people that has visited the island many times, we've even surprised our local guests.

This evening begins with one of Holbox's famous golf-cart taxis as your personal chauffeur. It will take you from your hotel to our meeting point in central Holbox. Here we convene at a aplace that has a magical history that I will share with you. From here we walk together to experience four different and unique taco experiences on the island, all of which will include a drink pairing designed for the tour.

Learn how tacos and tortillas are prepared, the history and meaning of the taco in Mexico, as well as how we use this word "taco" in other catchphrases.

By the end of the night you will know the best places to get tacos on the island, you'll have savored delicious traditional Mexican cuisine, sampled drinks only made in this part of the world, met some of the locals and walked the ever animated streets of Holbox.

Come to eat tacos and leave with new friends!

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